long-term expertise

We are convinced that the fusion of linguistic excellence, in-depth knowledge of the subject and practical experience is the key to translation quality. We are also aware of the fact that people are not omniscient. Instead, we believe in wide horizons and narrow specializations.

We work with translators who are more than proficient in their languages and never cease to develop in their fields of expertise, both formally and in practice. They pursue various paths of education, work in “their industries” and never hesitate to consult their doubt with someone who knows better.

At the same time, we appreciate the importance of educating future generations of translators by sharing our expertise with them and supporting them in the beginning of their careers. This is why for years we have been offering internships for students and graduates of translation studies. Some of them become our long-term employees or contractors. Moreover, the chief translator of Translateria also holds specialist translation classes and workshops for postgraduate students at the University of Lodz.

Our offer of specialist translation includes translation of technical documents (e.g. manuals, procedures), medical translation, legal translation (e.g. contracts, court documents), translation of marketing and advertising content (e.g. copywriting, transcreation).