translation and interpretation

We offer all kinds of translation and interpretation services. We know our team and always carefully select the best specialist to work on your order.

Translation of a contract? Operating manual? Academic paper? Poem? In need of comprehensive linguistic support for an international conference, business negotiations or a wedding ceremony? In our team, we have top-notch translators and interpreters whose competences and skills ensure the highest quality of performance. They are conscientious experts and skilled linguists who are passionate about their fields of expertise (after all, what matters is not only specialist terminology, but also thorough understanding of the content, whether it is molecular biology, fashion or intellectual property rights). We also make sure that the translated documents we deliver are appealing to the eye – our additional services include advanced text formatting, DTP, graphic design.
Our interpreters, who can provide spoken translation and accompany you on a variety of events, are not only language experts, but also affable individuals with impeccable social skills, always on time and perfectly ready to assist you (dress code depends on the occasion, our standard is business smart).

Translation of written text:
- general translation
- technical translation
- translation of legal documents
- translation of medical documents (hospital discharge summaries, test results and other medical records)
- other types of translation, e.g. marketing and promotional translation, translation of a website, translation of an academic or scientific paper, translation of a letter.

Interpretation (spoken translation):
- conference / simultaneous interpretation: live translation of a spoken text (presentation, lecture)
- consecutive interpreting, liaison: (e.g. presentation, business meeting, discussion panel, driving exam)
- whisper interpreting/chuchotage: live interpreting for one person or a small group
- sight interpreting: spoken translation of a written text.