in-house sworn translator

Translateria is managed by an experienced sworn translator who supervises the high quality of services at every stage of the order process.

A sworn translator (also called a certified or court-appointed translator) is a person who meets rigorous requirements imposed by the Ministry of Justice. It is a reliable expert whose presence at the office guarantees that your text is in good hands.

Moreover, all our administrative employees and project managers are competent foreign language professionals. From the very moment you contact us, you can be certain that the right person is there for you.

Standard translation offered by Translateria means high-quality service performed and proofread by experienced translators (often sworn translators), but not certified with an official seal or entered into sworn translator’s register. It is a good choice for standard documents and texts. To make the process smooth, quick and environmentally-friendly, we usually return the translated text as a file.

Sworn or certified translation: translation made and officially sealed by a sworn translator and entered into a special register. This type of translation is usually required in the case of legal or official documents, for court purposes, etc.