superior team

Even though we work mainly in front of the computer screen, we do not hide behind it. We believe in the power of a smile and conversation.
Translateria is all about people – often immersed in work and focused, always careful, polite and ready to talk to you.

Agata - co-founder of Translateria, philologist, sworn translator (EN<>PL), punctilious proofreader, always bursting with energy. When not in the office or with her kids, she shares her knowledge with the students of post-graduate specialist translation studies at the University of Lodz.
Robert - a seasoned language-industry entrepreneur, who managed the translation business even before it was called Translateria. He’s the one with the greatest patience for numbers and accounts, and has the most resounding laughter in the office.
Marek - an English linguist with a good head for IT stuff. Fearless of poor quality scans, complicated charts and other scary creatures. Well-organized, not only when it comes to planning a trip to some wild concert.